Workshops & Retreats

Ron Keller & Associates offers a variety of workshops and retreats that can be scheduled at different locations including your office, retreat center or church. Along with experience-based, larger-group teaching, the workshops and retreats also include smaller group breakouts for personal application and growth.

Nearly every area of life involves interacting with other people, so advancing in any area of our lives begins first with our understanding and accepting ourselves, and then understanding, accepting and learning to interact positively with others. Thus the workshop topics also integrate the powerful Temperament analysis into the teaching and breakouts. Whether Temperaments are new to you or you have studied yours before, the workshops will break it down and you’ll gain a deeper level of understanding of yourself and the area of your life the workshop addresses.

With schedules growing ever-busier and responsibilities ever-mounting, we value your time and need for something to make an impact on your life today. Our workshops are generally 6 hours in length and designed to get to the heart of issue in an authentic yet focused way.

Available workshops & retreats:

Marriage Enrichment Temperament Retreat

This very popular six hour retreat helps couples understand, appreciate and respect themselves and their spouses. Emphasis is put on understanding the nature of temperament and specific needs that spouses have. Retreat includes time for couple exercises and reflection, appropriate prayer and scriptural references.

Together Forever - Marriage Preparation Program

This is a 2-day workshop available to any church or organization that is seeking a solid, biblical marriage preparation program to send their engaged couples to. Please read more here!

Remarriage Blended Family Workshop

An essential workshop for couples married, engaged or "dating." This three hour introductory workshop includes the book, Marrying Again, written by Ron and Nancy Keller. The workshop concentrates on the unique issues re-marrying couples deal with. Topics include: The couples relationship, loyalties, former spouses, step parenting, custody, housing, finances and the importance of a healthy spirituality. Follow up groups are encouraged.

Church Staff Workshop

This three hour workshop is for church staff members to learn about their own and each other's Temperaments and how to best interact and work together as a team.