For Your Ministry

Bringing transformational courses and workshops by Temperament experts to your church or ministry.

Ron Keller & Associates offers a variety of workshops, retreats and courses which you can bring into your ministry office, retreat center or church. We believes that every person was made on purposeĀ for a purpose. Our purpose begins with and flows from our understanding and accepting how we were made. Next, since nearly every area of life involves interacting with other people, we must learn to understand, accept and interact positively with others.

The Temperament Approach

We use the APS Temperament Profile, because it is an incredible tool that brings to light our internal wiring and is immensely helpful in understanding ourselves, discovering our purpose for our lives, and in navigating relationships. Learn more about the APS here!

We offer a variety of Courses and workshops that can be adjusted to suit your needs, or if you have a specific topic you'd like to see addressed and we don't offer it, inquire and we can discuss a customized workshop for you.


  • Learn your individual Temperaments
  • Understand each others' communication styles
  • How to work through conflict on a team
  • Help each person work in their sweet spot
  • Strengthen your team dynamic
  • Build a healthy culture

There is something very special about a ministry or church staff and leadership team. You don't just "work together", you "do life" together, and that incorporates a unique blend of tasks, goals, spiritual gifts, faith journey, and many types of relationships.

We encourage you to take a look at our Corporate/Workplace Consulting, as it describes in more detail the way we approach leadership, hiring/staffing needs, and appropriate placement of all staff in the organization. When paired with a focus on Jesus as the creator of each of us, leader of our relationships, and motivating force behind our work, the results are powerful.

  • Church-wide offering to coincide with weekend teaching
  • Church Staff
  • Small groups
  • Ministry Teams
  • College-age groups
  • Singles ministry
  • MOPS

This is an opportunity to bring the Discover Course to your ministry - for any type of group gathering within your ministry, or for your ministry/church as a whole. Group sizes can range from 6-24 participants at a time, and multiple group can run concurrently. We keep groups small because our experience shows it best serves each participant, allowing each person to get a personalized look into their Temperament, as well as for camaraderie to be built between participants. It's an awesome opportunity for community to be developed! Number/length of sessions can be flexible to work within your setting.


  • Pre-marital
  • Marriage
  • Remarriage/Blended Families

Learn your individual Temperaments, how Temperaments interact, learn to deal with conflict that emerges in healthy ways, and learn about your non-negotiable needs. We all have different needs, so understanding and respecting our own as well as those of the other people in our lives can be absolutely transformational.

Our workshops can accommodate all sizes of groups. They dive into our needs and how they impact marriages, parent/child relationships, and more. They include time for couples' exercises and reflection, appropriate prayer and scriptural references, with the goal of connecting to yourself, your spouse/future spouse, and God, to bring your relationships to the next level.

Ready to learn more?

Contact us to discuss how we can partner with you to bring one of our workshops or courses to your ministry!