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Bringing transformational courses and workshops by Temperament experts to your church or ministry.

Ron Keller & Associates offers a variety of workshops, retreats and courses which you can bring into your ministry office, retreat center or church. We are a Christian group that believes that Jesus created each one of us on purpose for a purpose. Our purpose flows from our relationship with Him, and begins with understanding and accepting how He made us. Next, since nearly every area of life involves interacting with other people, we must learn to understand, accept and interact positively with others.

The Temperament Approach

We utilize the ARNO Temperament Profile, because it is an incredible tool that brings to light our internal wiring and is immensely helpful in understanding ourselves, discovering God's purpose for our lives, and in navigating relationships. Read more about Temperaments (and how they're different from personality profiles) here!

We love to partner with the non-profits, ministries and the local Church to bring our Temperament-based Courses and workshops to their groups. There's something special about a group taking a class or workshop together that breaks down walls, helps people open up and connect in new ways.

We offer a variety of Courses and workshops that can be adjusted to suit your needs, or if you have a specific topic you'd like to see addressed and we don't offer it, inquire and we can discuss a customized workshop for you. If your group is located more than an hour from Edina, MN, let's talk about how we can bring this to you!

Our Classes & Workshops
  • Church-wide offering to coincide with weekend teaching
  • Small groups
  • Ministry Teams
  • College-age groups
  • Singles ministry
  • MOPS

Ministry Leadership/Staff

  • Learn your individual Temperaments
  • Understand each others' communication styles
  • How to work through conflict on a team
  • Helping each person work in their sweet spot
  • Strengthen your team dynamic
  • Learn your Temperament and how it affects your:
    • Purpose
    • Career
    • Relationships
  • Learn how you naturally communicate
  • Understand your needs and how to get them met - healthily


  • Learn your individual Temperaments
  • Learn how your Temperaments interact
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Understanding each others' non-negotiable needs

Engaged Couples

  • Learn your individual Temperaments 
  • Discovering tools for successfully integrating your Temperaments in marriage
  • Understand your communication styles
  • Setting goals and boundaries for schedules, social lives, individual career goals and more

Remarriage & Blended Family

  • Learn your individual Temperaments and how they interact plus topics including...
  • Loyalties
  • Former spouses
  • Step-parenting
  • Custody
  • Housing
  • Finances

Discover Your Course for Life

One of the most asked questions of believers is "What is my purpose?" There are many factors involved in discovering your purpose, and it is a process that takes time, an understanding of the way God made you, and arises out of your relationship with Jesus.

This is an opportunity to bring the Discover Course to your ministry - for any type of group gathering within your ministry, or for your ministry/church as a whole. Group sizes can range from 10-22 participants at a time. We keep groups small because our experience shows it best serves each participant, allowing each person to get a personalized look into their Temperament, as well as for camaraderie to be built between participants. It's an awesome opportunity for Christian community to be developed!

You can read all about the Discover Course here, but in summary it is a unique integration of five core components:

  1. Your ARNO Temperament Analysis
  2. The book, Discover Your Course For Life, as a type of "handle bars" to help you walk through the process
  3. Writing your unique Purpose Statement
  4. Designing your ideal Position Description based on your discoveries
  5. A supportive community of people walking through this process together

Discovering your purpose truly is a life-long endeavor, but the way this Course integrates each component makes the process focused, clear and the results are incredible. We would love to partner with you to bring this Course to your church or ministry!


Ministry Leadership/Staff

There is something very special about a ministry or church staff and leadership team. You don't just "work together", you "do life" together, and that incorporates a unique blend of tasks, goals, spiritual gifts, faith journey, and many types of relationships.

The Temperament Profile tool we utilize provides profound insight into every aspect of your leadership, your team, and your ministry goals. We encourage you to take a look at our Corporate/Workplace Consulting, as it describes in more detail the way we approach leadership, hiring/staffing needs, and appropriate placement of all staff in the organization. When paired with a focus on Jesus as the creator of each of us, leader of our relationships, and motivating force behind our work, the results are powerful.


The Happy Millennial

According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials are the largest living generation, surpassing Baby Boomers. Unfortunately, many Millennials are getting a bad rap in our culture. We believe that Millennials have the potential to make a huge, positive impact in our world!

This workshop is designed to focus on the needs Millennials are facing now:

  • Understanding and accepting who they are and how they are wired
  • Utilizing that knowledge to determine the best path for them to take as they pursue education, first career steps, and choices that will set the course of the rest of their lives
  • Developing deep, solid relationships in a screen-and-Snapchat-driven world

This is a great introductory workshop to bring to your college-age groups or young adult ministry!

Learn more about Happy Millennials here!


Marriage Workshops

The most popular version of this workshop is a six-hour retreat. This retreat helps couples understand, appreciate and respect themselves and their spouses. An emphasis is placed on understanding the nature of Temperament and how it impacts every aspect of a person and marriage.

From studying your Temperament you can discern the specific needs that spouses have. These needs are non-negotiable, meaning that if they are not met much anxiety, stress and conflict can arise. In many cases, simply understanding, acknowledging and purposing to meet those needs (via relationship with God as well as being intentional with our spouses) can bring great progress and healing.

These needs come in many forms, including socialization, affection, affirmation, and wherever you fall on the spectrum from needing to control your situation/the people around you to needing clear direction and leadership. As we know, these are hot button topics for many relationships, because very most couples do not have exactly the same needs! For example: One generally has a pull toward constant social interaction and the other a desire to stay home and have few close friendships. Whatever your current marriage struggle, much of it is probably rooted in differing Temperaments, not understanding or appreciating those differences, and not getting your God-created needs met.

This retreat dives into those conversations, and includes time for couple exercises and reflection, appropriate prayer and scriptural references, with the goal of connecting to yourself, your spouse, and God to bring your marriage to the next level.


Engaged Couples Workshops

This workshop covers many of the same topics as the Marriage workshops, but from a different perspective: one of mindfully entering the covenant of marriage with the intention of knowing, respecting and appreciating one another's wiring. We do this continually once in marriage, but what a difference it can make to start from that place!

The Temperament tool provides a wonderful baseline to getting to know each other on a core level, the way God designed you. It lays out in black-and-white your wiring, needs, and motivators, so that an engaged couple can walk into marriage with that knowledge and wisdom. From that, you can discuss boundaries, career and relational goals, expectations as a couple, and more. This can be a wonderful roadmap to help guide through new circumstances, opportunities and challenges that arise throughout marriage.


Remarriage & Blended Families Workshops

An essential workshop for couples married, engaged or "dating". This 3-hour workshop includes the book, Marrying Again, written by Ron and Nancy Keller. The workshop concentrates on the unique issues re-marrying couples deal with.

Topics include: The couples relationship, loyalties, former spouses, step-parenting, custody, housing, finances and the importance of a healthy spirituality. Follow up groups are encouraged.

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