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This is one of the most exciting times of your life, and we want to help you prepare for a marriage that is fulfilling and that lasts a lifetime! The topics we tackle in our Marriage Preparation Program are practical and relevant, and the things you will learn will be useful in every area of your marriage.

Our program uniquely pairs two essential programs: Prepare-Enrich and the Arno Temperament Profile. This combination dives into practical and real life issues that couples often struggle with and eliminate common issues by starting with a deeper understanding of self and partner than most couples learn in a lifetime of marriage.

Engaged couples who have participated in our Program consistently say that they were happily surprised at how valuable, practical and fun their experience was.


Part 1:


This is the number one premarital assessment for over 35 years. You will complete the inventory ahead of time and receive the results of the workshop. Our staff will guide you together as a couple, in small and large group discussions, as well as teach on the important topics that couples need to discuss to gather before entering a lifelong marriage with one another. Topics include:

  • Spiritual life together
  • Good communication
  • Ability to resolve conflict in healthy ways
  • Attitudes about finances
  • Couple prayer together
  • Children & parenting
  • Family backgrounds
  • Decision making
  • Making Christ the center of your marriage
  • Stress
  • Sex & affection
  • Relationship roles & expectations


Part 2:

Arno Temperament Profile

God designed each of us with a unique Temperament, which is our in-built wiring. This uniqueness is a gift to ourselves and TO our partners, and the profile we use gives us a thorough understanding of how we are wired. Couples will be guided in:

  • Understanding themselves and their partner
  • Accepting themselves and their partner
  • Respecting themselves and their partner

This includes their own and their partner's strengths, weaknesses, unique and nonnegotiable needs, and how to work with differences respectfully with God's help.

What is the cost?

The total cost of the program is $750 per couple, plus the cost of scoring the Prepare-Enrich inventory ($35/couple) and the Arno Temperament Profile ($45/per person).

Lunch, snacks and resources are included!


Who are we?

We are a team of people passionate about God, healthy and fulfilled marriages, and helping people people live in their wiring. Together, we have decades of marriage preparation and marriage counseling experience. Our program is Christ-centered but sensitive and respectful to all faiths. We want to partner with the local church to provide a solid program to prepare your engaged couples for marriage.

How does it work?

We provide a full day workshop, and take care of everything from  registrations, to payments, to assessments & reports. All you need to do is send your engaged couples to us via our website or brochures. If you have a larger group of engaged couple, You may wish to hold the workshop at your church, but we will still take care of everything.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to your church! Engaged couples each pay for the program. We all know how expensive it has become to have a wedding these days, and our program is probably the least expensive part, yet we know that it is the most valuable and has the longest lasting results.


"I loved learning about how different temperament type combinations are lived out in real peoples’ lives.  I learned so much through listening to others and Dr. Keller’s explanations of how and why they react and respond to others’ communication styles.  This is great knowledge in my personal and professional life and would love my work team to take the class!"


"My marriage/communication is so much stronger knowing one another's Temperaments, I'm more motivated to change careers, and I'm less judgmental, understanding we all have unique Temperaments."


"It was super beneficial and the step that impacted me the most was coming to realize and accept our strengths and our weaknesses. I could go through life thinking that I needed to focus on my weaknesses always trying improve them at the expense of seeing my strengths."


"The Temperament Profile has really helped my wife and I understand why we do certain things. Helps us understand when the other is 'recharging', what they need, and what they don't need."


"The Course was very beneficial, because it helped me leap over many of the hurdles that have been stifling me and helped me even identify what the hurdles were."


Do you have more questions? We would love to speak with you!