Happy Millennials - Workshop



A workshop on how understanding your Temperament can help you find your purpose, develop meaningful relationships and give you a road map for life.

The "Happy Millennials" Workshop

“Millennial” has as many meanings as there are Millennials, and that’s one of the beautiful parts of this generation. Love it or not, if you were born between 1982-2000, you’re considered a Millennial. You’re part of the largest living generation, and you’re redefining the workplace, the use of technology, and the acceptance of self and others. Not only that, but you want to make a significant impact on the world around you. You see potential: in a career that’s fulfilling, in a family that’s solid, and in friendships that are authentic, and making the world around you a better place to live.

This potential begins within you. The happiest people are those that understand, respect and appreciate themselves. They are fulfilled because they know what their purpose is and go and do it every day. This is what the Happy Millennials workshop is all about. From the foundation of understanding, respecting, and appreciating yourself, we apply that to two of the most significant arenas of life: your relationships and your career. We want to help you know your purpose, go out and live it every day, and live a fulfilled life as a Happy Millennial.



In this workshop we begin with understanding your Temperament. Your Temperament Profile will describe the core of who you are including things like what motivates you, your energy level, how you relate to people, how you think and make decisions, your need for affirmation, and much more.

An interesting thing about many Millennials is that they love personality and gifts assessments! The ARNO Profile System is not just another one to add to the list, it is the most comprehensive, individualized and accurate assessment you’ll do. You only need to take it once in your life, and it will provide years and years of insights and wisdom into every facet of your life.



Your relationships with others flow out of your relationship with yourself. You can’t accept and appreciate others until you accept and appreciate yourself, which is why Part 1 is so integral. This self-discovery flows into what your relational needs are – like whether you need lots of acquaintances, or just a few core friendships. You will understand your communication style, your approach to handling conflict, how much socialization you truly need and what kinds energize or drain you, and more. 

Simply understanding what you’re bringing to the table in your relationships, how you are perceived, and what you are actually looking for from your relationships is a game-changer. It allows you to be more intentional in every relationship you have. This conversation will also bring awareness to other Temperaments and that others will approach things differently than you, but that their way is not wrong; it’s just a matter of understanding what those differences are and respecting them. There will be some Temperaments you gel with instantly, and others that you struggle with, which can be truly enlightening for those relationships that you’ve struggled with for a long time.

In this digital age, intentionally creating meaningful relationships is challenging and more important than ever. But until you gain this knowledge, it’s like a shot in the dark. You can’t just go and meet the perfect people for your Temperament, but you can know you and your needs and intentionally pursue the relationships that will bring you toward your goals.




Many Millennials are dissatisfied with the notion of “living to work” and would rather “work to live” and have a good work-life balance. Maybe you’re that way, and know that your specific blend of experiences, passions, skills, and Temperament are all combined within you on purpose, for a purpose. We would agree with you, 100%. There is something in this world that only you can do, and when you are doing that you will live your most fulfilled life.

Understanding the internal wiring of your Temperament and is a main driver in determining your purpose and career path. It will show you what kinds of work you will be drawn to, what types of positions you’re capable of holding, your capacity for leadership, how you make decisions, what your pace of life is, your openness to being managed, whether you’re a team player, and more.

Our jobs and our passions aren’t always one in the same, especially early in our career, but we can make every step our career one in the direction of aligning the two. This workshop, and its combination of its 3 main components, is designed to help you develop your road map for life. Instead of a trial-and-error method to education and jobs, you’ll begin to develop a lens that you can hold up to every decision to determine if it fits within the parameters of your purpose.



Sunday, December 3, 2017


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