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Whatever stage of life you're in, this Course can help launch you to the next level. The greater the commitment to investment in yourself, the greater, bolder and faster the result. However, some seasons of life allow for more increased and intensive focus, and some seasons leave room for less. It's up to us to stay committed to ourselves in each season.

Just remember... the world will clamor noisily for your time, attention, know-how and commitment. The small voice inside yourself is quietly calling out for the same, and you're the only one who can hear it and nurture it. Purpose to position yourself to Discover and walk into your Course For Life, thereby allowing you to bring your best self to the world and make the greatest impact.

We want to provide options for the season you're in. Choose the Track that works best for you now, then determine to invest fully in that Track.


All Tracks include the Large Group meetings, and then each subsequent Track adds components that grow in depth and individualized focus from there.

TRACK 1 - Large Group Meetings

Every participant will attend 6 Large Group Meetings, which will occur once per month. These will include directed teaching from trained Temperament Counselors and guided discussions. All teaching is Temperament-based, which means all concepts will be individually, specifically and immediately applicable. Topics will include:

1. All About You - Your unique Temperament and wiring

2. All About You Part 2 - How your unique Temperament and wiring interacts with the world around you

3. All About Your Lifestyle - Assessing your present lifestyle, identifying what got you to where you are now, and setting yourself up for positive change and growth

4. All About Your Lifestyle Part 2 - Learning how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that supports your purpose

5. All About Your Purpose - Creating a unique purpose statement for your life based on who you are and the knowledge you've gained

6. All About Your Plan - Identifying and implementing actionable steps to live out your unique position description

TRACK 2 - Small Group Meetings

Includes Large & Small Group Meetings

Track 2 participants will attend all large group meetings as well as 1 additional small group meeting per month. These smaller groups will be 4-5 participants and be directed to go deeper into each month's topic for further personal reflection and application. These are designed to develop the 'wisdom to rightly apply' everything being learned for personal health, growth and long-lasting change.

Small group meetings will also give participants the added element of gaining a deeper understanding of others' Temperaments and how they interact with them. Learning and understanding other Temperament types and their approach to the world can help you read and discern people you come into contact with so that you can best interact and work with them. This can be applied to friends, co-workers, parents, kids, etc.

TRACK 3 - Personalized Coaching

Includes Large & Small Group Meetings PLUS 2 Individual Coaching Sessions with Dr Ron or Nancy Keller.

The entire Course is designed to form around you as an individual with a unique Temperament and purpose in life. Each person has a lifetime of experiences, positive and negative, that have shaped who they are today and that influence their Temperaments, desires and purpose. In 2 one-on-one consultations with either Dr. Ron or Nancy Keller, you'll be able to ask questions specifically about your Temperament/situation/experiences/circumstances, and get personalized coaching in overcoming certain obstacles and moving forward in your course for life.

TRACK 4 - Advanced Personalized Coaching

Includes Large & Small Group Meetings, 2 Individual Coaching Sessions, PLUS 1-4 additional Individual Coaching Sessions with Dr Ron or Nancy Keller at a discounted rate.

Additional individual coaching sessions at a discounted rate for those who desire a more personalized and directed coaching plan. A personalized plan will be developed with Dr Ron or Nancy at the beginning of the Course, fine tuned through the Course, and you will leave the Course with specific steps and measurable goals. For those who desire a deeper understanding of their Temperament, who seek resolution and healing from past events that may be holding them back, and who would benefit from personalized attention in discovering their purpose or creating actionable steps to living it out.

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