While our Associates offer a wide range of counseling approaches, Temperament counseling is our basic foundational approach.

Temperament counseling is as effective as it is positive and affirming. It is based on the belief that every person is created with a unique Temperament and purpose in life, and it is our goal to help you understand your Temperament and create a plan to help you live within it and find lasting healing and direction.

Whatever brought you here today seeking counseling is likely related to your Temperament because it affects every aspect of your life. Your issue may be related to:

  • Your Temperament clashing with another person's - whether it be a spouse, a child, a parent, a boss, a coworker, a friend, etc - which is causing unresolved conflict
  • Not living/working in conditions that best suit your Temperament, thus creating frustration or dissatisfaction
  • Not understanding your Temperament and living a life of comparison, wondering why you can't "be more like them"
  • Not expressing - or more accurately, not knowing - your non-negotiable needs, so they have been going unmet which can create deep disconnection, stress, anxiety, and feeling like your life is out of control and feelings of being unwanted and unloved

While the diagnosis can be simple (ie: knowing and living within your Temperament) the resolution is not always as easy. That's why we use a powerful tool, called the APS Temperament Profile, to assist us as we dive straight to the heart of your issue and then create a plan to lead you into living a healthy life designed for your Temperament.

Sound like what you need? You can jump right to scheduling an appointment where all of this will be explained clearly to you in your first session, or, since you're already here, read on to learn a little more about Temperaments and why we believe understanding yours can transform your journey to a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.

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