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Executive Leadership consulting, HR support, and employee development using expert Temperament analysis for small businesses to large corporations.

The Temperament Approach

As you assemble your “Dream Team”, you envision a team in their sweet spots, utilized to their fullest potential, working together respectfully, and complementing one another' strengths.

You may have exactly the right people, but thing about people at work (from the CEO to those on the front lines) is that they're, well, people. When we go to work we can't just put on our "work selves" and leave everything else at home. We bring our whole selves with, and that includes personal things like our relationships, our family history and our Temperaments. All of these factors have contributed to creating the person we are, and the person we bring to our jobs every day, which is both beautiful and challenging.

We believe that this holistic view of a person and approaching each person as a part of the team is the key to creating an environment that encourages commitment, fulfillment, creativity and bottom-line results. This approach can help lead you to that "Dream Team" that you envision.

The ARNO Temperament assessment is unlike any other personality or strengths assessments you've experienced. You can read more detail about the Arno Temperament tool here, but in summary it is the most comprehensive assessment of a person as a whole. It is the why behind the what. It documents wants, needs, motivators, ways of relating and communicating with others, desire to control, openness to being influenced, affirmation and affection needs, the way we portray all of this to others intentionally or unintentionally, as well as the way we really are. This tool lays all of that out and more, logically, in black-and-white, to be learned from, discussed, and implemented.

The happiest, most successful people are those that know themselves, respect themselves, and live a life consistent with their internal wiring. A Temperament analysis and consulting with our team can lead you in accomplishing that for you and your team, and you'll see the results in every area of your business.

Our Expertise


Executive Leadership

  • Personal/leadership growth
  • Developing a positive culture
  • Identifying & excelling in strengths
  • Building a "dream" leadership team
  • Succession planning


HR Support

  • Talent placement based on Temperament
  • Interpersonal issues
  • Leadership track development
  • Employee retention through affirming culture



  • Objective & confidential resource for employees
  • Career path planning
  • Work/life balance
  • Finding your sweet spot based on your Temperament


Executive Leadership

Our trained Consultants come to your workplace and begin with your individual Temperament analysis. You will gain specific, direct insight into your wiring including:

  • Leadership style
  • Communication style
  • Capacity for decision making
  • Capacity to lead/manage/delegate
  • The degree to which you want to be in control of yourself/others/your environment

More than just what you are (ie: introverted vs extroverted), you'll learn why you are that way. Gaining this insight in black-and-white into your unchanging internal wiring will give you extremely valuable vision into your role as leader in your organization. You have strengths that no one else has, and those should be identified and optimized. On the flip side, you have areas where you aren't best suited, but you can can design a team with strengths that complement and support yours.

It also gives insight into your home life/relationships, because you operate from your Temperament in all areas of your life. These areas interact, draw from, pour into and affect each other, so when one is struggling, oftentimes the rest are. When all are functioning healthily, the others can also flourish. Work/life balance can be addressed so that you can stay engaged for the marathon.

In the first meeting you will identify specific areas to focus in on, based on revelation from the Temperament analysis combined with the most urgent, real-life issues you're facing, which can range from optimizing your Leadership Team's ability to work together, to replacing a key member, to creating a corporate culture that flows from who you are, to succession planning, and more.

The point is that you and your team's situations are unique, as are your Temperaments, and the solutions we can assist you with are unique and powerful. As we work with you, we learn you and your business, and get to know the "pulse" of your company. We are able to encourage and support you in your role, consistent with your values, goals and character, by giving input, observations, recommendations and guidance as part of fostering a nurturing, positive culture.

We would love to partner with you and your team to create a "Dream Team" of people who are in their Temperament sweet spot, are excellent at what they do, enjoy who they get to do it with, and provide positive bottom-line results to your organization.


HR Support

The task set before HR is immense - it not only includes appropriately placing people based on their talents, skills, history and experience, it's an intricate puzzle to place the right Temperaments in those roles and trust that those people will work well together.

What if a person is placed in a role they are trained for, but it doesn't contain the level of social interaction they need? What if someone in your organization is ready to advance but there isn't a clear path that they can take because to get from spot A to C, they have to go through B which is totally incompatible with their Temperament? These kinds of scenarios are very real, and can ultimately cause good employees to self select themselves out of your company and to another.

These are scenarios that can be very costly if not managed well. Many organizations are trying to navigate them with limited resources, needing to trust what employees are willing to share, and, often even more inhibiting, trusting what employees truly know and understand about themselves. Alternatively, carefully crafted employee placement can result in greater utilization and can boost morale. Most importantly, it can create opportunities for these employees to create more revenue at higher rates.

Our consultants come with years of experience in working directly with HR teams and Temperaments to:

  • Identify key qualities necessary for specific roles.
  • Screen candidates for their fit within roles and on their prospective teams.
  • Mediate and resolve personnel conflict.
  • Develop a leadership/growth track unique to your organization, based on your product or service, culture, clients, and the type of person these factors draw to your business.
  • Create a culture that is affirming, supportive, open, aware, and that ultimately draws and retains top talent.

Our past experience and Temperament expertise will bring a fresh, new perspective and support to a specific group in your company, or to the organization as a whole. No problem is too big or small, and you'll wonder where this tool was all your life as you find more and more areas it can bring assistance to.




You studied, trained, and worked to gain experience and land your dream job. But now that you're there, maybe you love the tasks, but the environment isn't conducive to working efficiently. Or maybe you pour your heart into it, love every aspect, but do not mesh with your direct superior. Maybe you've been in your role awhile and are ready to advance, but don't know how or where.

Whether you're new to the workforce or have been committed to your company for 20+ years, these issues and more face employees every day. At their core, these issues arise from your Temperament. Understanding, accepting and appreciating your Temperament (how you are hard-wired internally) can be life-changing, helping you:

  • Know your needs (or lack thereof) for social interaction, and how to build that into your role so you can thrive.
  • Learn your capacity for decision making, delegating and leading others, along with your openness to receiving direction and leadership.
  • Understand your wiring and what you are best designed for -- aka your purpose -- and allow that to direct your career path choices instead of going by trial and error.
  • Find your work-life balance, which will likely not look like anyone else's, as your wiring and needs are unique to you.

You can always set up a one-on-one counseling session at our office to focus in on your Temperament and your goals. If you'd like to see your workplace embrace the Temperament tool and see your team benefit as a whole, feel free to bring this information to your immediate supervisor. We've worked with large and small teams, first beginning with each individual and then bringing the team together. Here's the process:

  1. Each person will complete their Temperament assessment and meet individually with our trained consultants in confidentiality to gain a better understanding of their Temperament and how to better work in a way that best suits their needs.
  2. The team will be brought together, where all Temperaments and resulting team dynamics will be discussed. Strengths, weaknesses and challenges will be identified.
  3. An action plan with specific steps can be created with the group's leaders to address the biggest needs of your team.

The resulting action step options are endless, because your team is unique. We will work with your team to determine a plan of action that will make an immediate impact with results that will last.

Ready to learn more?

Contact us to learn more about how we can develop a plan to meet your specific needs and optimize your best resource: your people.